Hygiene Doors

Automatic hygiene doors are specialised sliding door systems that provide the full range of hygiene requirements for special applications such as medical, laboratories, avionics, clean rooms, radiation handling, temperature control, pressure control, gas atmosphere control, and others.

Hermetic sealing: The drive unit, door panel, and mating surfaces provide a leak-proof seal when closed.
Hygienic operation: No-touch operation of the door. The door can be fully secured to prevent unauthorised and accidental opening. Doors may also be used in normal pedestrian mode when necessary. Door panels are available in sanitary stainless steel, glass and lead (Pb) shielded door panels for radiation control.


Hermetic Door

Door panels are available in air-tight High-Pressure Laminated (HPL), powder coated steel, stainless steel, lead (for X-ray rooms), and glass (double- or triple-glazed).
Accessories include: UPS, digital programme switch, electromechanical lock, touchless microwave sensor button, and mechanical key switch.

Standards Compliance: DIN18650; EN16005; EN60335; EN/ISO13849-1; ISO9001; EU Low Voltage Directives; EU EMC Directives; NF EN12207; NF EN1026; DIN EN 20 140-3.