Dasco supplies and installs a range of frame choices designed to work seamlessly with Deutschtec door operators.
Framing suites are available for whole shopfronts, including doors. The range includes heavy duty and slim profiles in unitary aluminium and thermally broken designs. “Frameless” door top rails are available.

Finishes include powder coated and anodized, and all colours are possible.

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THB Frame

Thermal Break Heavy (TBH) can be coupled with double-glazed units to improve thermal efficiency of a heavy-duty door system.

TBS Frame

Thermal Break Slim (TBS) can be coupled with double-glazed units to improve thermal efficiency of a door system.
Our TBS framing is remarkably slim, so it can be coupled with Deutschtec Airdrive series, which conceals the top rail inside the operator case to maximise the unobstructed space. TBS is tested and suitable for emergency escape (break-out) doors.

Saturn Frame

This is a reasonably-priced frame suitable for single-glazing and tempered glass. When you wish to have a glass frontage with a thin frame instead of frameless glass, Saturn is a convenient low-priced solution.

UTS Frame

This Unitary Slim frame is the non-thermal break version of TBS and has the same advantages. It’s ideal for situations that don’t require high thermal efficiency, such is interior doors, and is economically competitive.

Air-TBS Frame

This TBS framing suite is specifically designed for use with the Airdrive-series systems. It has all of the advantages of TBS.


Door rails for top-hung frameless glass door panels. Suitable for solid glass panels (not double or triple glazed units). This system is ideal for frameless glazed shopfronts, and wherever an air of openness is desired.